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Royal Marquee Hire - Wedding Marquee with open sides, roof lining and centerpieces
Marquee Lining internal view
Royal Marquee Hire Internal View of empty marquee with matted flooring
Royal Marquee Hire - Roof Lining with open sides
Royal Marquee Hire Internal Wedding Marquee

We offer many different types of lining depending on what you require and the type of event you are hosting.

Marquee – Pleated Stock Interior

Pleated linings provide a pleasing traditional finish inside your marquee. Normally associated with weddings they are nonetheless popular at many different types of event. Available as standard in white or ivory the linings provide a neutral backdrop against which the more glamorous aspects of your interior can be added.

Coloured swags and valance can be used to add colour as well as overlays across the roof. If you are looking for a very colourful interior there are a range of coloured pleated linings that can also be considered.

Marquee – Flat Stock Interior Lining

If you are looking for a smart, understated interior with a crisp finish then we would recommend our flat stock linings. These are the most popular lining option given their aesthetic appeal and cost effectiveness. Flat linings are available in white or ivory as standard.

Colour can be introduced through a combination of swags and overlays. Should you require a specific colour scheme there are a range of coloured flat linings which we can use to supply your requirement.

Marquee – Starcloth Interior

Starcloth lining is a traditionally popular choice for parties and weddings with clients often choosing to install it over the dance floor. The effect is stunning with the ceiling of the marquee lit up by thousands of twinkling lights.

Available in black, blue, red or white, a star cloth roof really puts your event on a stylish footing. Where a ‘night-club’ effect is required blackout walls can be used in conjunction with mood lighting and low slung furniture to create quite the effect you are after.

Marquee – Tack Off Interior

For the finest finish available look no further than a custom tack off interior. In essence a fabric is created just for your event (any colour, any weight, any style, any design) and is then fitted into the marquee using a wood frame construction that allows complete freedom. If the finish is your primary concern and you have a budget designed to impress this is the only option for you.

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